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Welcome to Jaydee Quantum. This site is dedicated to the Design, Development and Testing for Jaydee Autotech

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This web site is constantly evolving, so please revisit. Remember to refresh you browser to see all the new or recent updates:

History 8/2/11 GoTo K20a.org "Jaydee's Development Thread" 9/2/11K20 Belt Slippage Cure 25/2/11 Rotrex c38-91 5/3/11 Jaydee Ariel Atom 600 compared to the Ariel Atom V8 here...10/3/11 Boost Control 10/3/11Dyno Graph K20 477WHP with C38-71 13/4/11 E85 Tuning 6/5/11 The Jaydee Quantum 60021/5/11 RRC manifold development 21/5/11 Jaydee's revised K24 motor 13/9/11 Jaydee now has wings!27/9/11 Jaydee Honda Twin Rotrex K24 description 18/10/11 Jaydee Honda Twin Rotrex K24 dyno graphs with boost control 8/12/11 Weight Transfer Chassis Logging 12/12/11 Strain Guage Installation 12/12/11 Winton Raceway 18/12/11 Photos 29/12/11 Chassis Modifications for Gearbox Removal 8/1/12 Stripped 4th and 5th gears 8/1/12 GearX Gearbox and Sump Installation 18/1/12 Parts For Sale 31/1/12 Acceleration Performance 31/1/12



Jaydee has a range of custom Rotrex C38-91 supercharger brackets to suit the Honda K20/K24 engines. Rotrex C38-91 Lotus Elise mouting brackets both lower and upper styles. Jaydee FWD Honda Rotrex brackets for maximum belt wrap feature idler rollers.

Jaydee Honda K20/K24 supercharged Rotrex and roots camshafts to be released in 2016.

Jaydee Honda K20/K24 TPD ultra performance manifold to be released in 2016.





The Dream - A Totally Streetable Car with F1 Acceleration Performance?


Our goals were simple.

To build a car in the mould of the current top sports bikes like the Yamaha R1. Totally streetable, easy and friendly to drive at low speed so you can cruise around in the way you would on your Harley Davidson.

Capable of breathtaking performance so its possible for the average person to experience F1 style performance.

A difficult task, but not impossible thanks to modern technology.

Our heavily modified Ariel Atom2 we now call the Australian Jaydee Ariel Atom 600 reflecting the 600BHP on tap.


Jaydee Quantum 600 compared to the Ariel Atom 500 here...

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